Supreme Court. Is it really supreme, or just a bully.

We depend on our Supreme Court as the last and ultimate arbitrator of our of our most troubling legal and social-legal problems.  But is is as plain as rain that they are partisan and that their decisions, despite their erudite debates, are going to be split on party lines. And they are slow! Can you say “mini-congress?” We deserve a Supreme Court that is more than a Presidential Yes Man/Woman.

Sick I be

Today I am sick.  Sore throat, cough, icky feeling.  Its been going on and off for week. The boss wouldn’t let me go to church.   She’s right. No sense spreading it around anymore that it already is.

So me and Harley are holding down the fort.  He’s not much help.  Sleeps all the time. And He’s pouting because I wont take him for his morning walk.  Tough.

I just finished watching some TIVO recorded shows from last night.  The Firm and Blue Bloods.  Now nothing to do but take a nap–if I can stop coughing long enough.

Sorry for the downer BLOG, but that’s the way it is today.  Or as the current saying goes, “it is what it is.”

Come by and see me if you have a chance–and the courage.